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Somatic Experiencing ®

Virtual Trauma Resolution work
Somatic Experiencing ® Is one of the three primary healing modalities we offer at Integrative Body Solutions for those looking to resolve past traumas.
Finding Freedom

When we are suffering from the distresses, overwhelm, anxieties, terrors and shut down that can come from unresolved trauma, resting deeply in our own body can feel impossibly unbearable. In this condition, without help we often turn to whatever coping strategies we know or can muster.


With our locus of control often heavily focused outside ourselves it is all too common to chase experience after experience or situation after situation desperately seeking some sort of freedom from the endless cycles of activation stirring deep within.


When left in this condition we are unable to fully digest and absorb the entirety of our experience including all the pleasurable experiences we are already having. This all too common dilemma is exhausting and painful.

I am a trained Somatic Experiencing ® practitioner, SEP
Skillfully Guiding You Through Your Process

My work as a trauma resolution specialist is to help those who are suffering from the fixed patterns of trauma to skillfully renegotiate and digest their trauma in manageable and resourced bite sizes without overwhelm or re-traumatization. My somatic treatment work slowly guides my clients back into their own bodies and realigns them with their natural rhythms of regulation. As your Somatic Experiencing ® practitioner my aim in working together is to bring your body/psyche back into a coherent functioning and rebuild your capacity to move through the cycles of activation back into regulation more fluidly.

  • Adults abused as children

  • Developmental trauma

  • Physical abuse

  • Prenatal / Birth trauma

  • Dissociative disorders

  • Victims of domestic violence

  • Grief and loss

  • Accidents

  • Impact of trauma on spiritual work

  • Impact of trauma on masculinity


Attuned To You

Creating a safe and personal space together is the foundation my work builds upon. My work will support your exquisitely unique process in an attuned and personally intelligent manner opening you along the way to greater capacity for you to tolerate and digest your difficult experiences, as well as help you land more fully in the beneficent experiences throughout your life.

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